Kimberley White

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I have lived in Arcata, land of the Wiyot, for more than 30 years. I am a program coordinator, Arcata Planning Commissioner, community advocate, volunteer, and mother of a teenage daughter, and I hold a masters degree from Cal Poly Humboldt.

I am running for Arcata City Council to be a voice for those who have been left out. It is essential to a well-functioning democracy that ALL voices be heard. I believe in people over politics.

As Arcata continues to respond to a growing population, and an upcoming change of pace in our community and businesses, we need to make sure our fellow members of the community have, a say, a space, and their best interest in well rooted, truly democratic consideration. To accomplish this we need to listen. I am passionate about housing, our environment and equity.

Equity permeates through all aspects of society from our local economy, public safety, social services for families and unaccompanied youth, access to healthcare and more. I’m sure many of you have struggled to find a physician or a dentist. Arcata can be the example, to develop systems that secure essential health related services, a much needed resource for all of us. President of Open Door Community Health Centers, Tory Starr, says in a letter to City Council and the Planning Commission that housing is health, and lack of it is what keeps him up at night. And that’s one of the many reasons we’re working at the City to create more housing opportunities.

People need to feel supported and safe. We must protect everyone in Arcata and ensure equity for all. There’s NO ROOM FOR HATE HERE.

As a Planning Commissioner I bring to the table over three years experience. We all see the gaps in affordable housing and home ownership opportunities. You or someone you know is likely facing housing insecurity right now. As we address Arcata’s housing crisis we need to be strategic to assure that we have affordable housing both rentals as well as home ownership opportunities built into our Gateway Area Plan. It breaks my heart to see neighbors and community be divisive. I believe in my heart of hearts, that we all want the same thing, housing and yesterday. We need to be creative and consider alternative ways to address our housing stock. We need land trusts, subsidized housing, planned unit developments, condominiums and cooperative housing opportunities. The Gateway Area Plan is an important step towards creating more housing for a range of incomes. On the council, I’ll work to create programs to provide home ownership opportunities, workforce housing and live/work spaces. I have a publication on Affordable and Cooperative Housing through UC Davis Center for Cooperatives and will bring my experience and expertise to the City Council. We can do this together, but we need to plan proactively for what we want to see in the Gateway Area Plan and subsequent housing development within identified areas of opportunity.

We want to protect our forests, green spaces and agricultural lands and have decided to achieve this by utilizing infill housing. The Gateway Area Plan strives to achieve this for not only our existing residents, but those who will live here in the future—–NEAR FUTURE.

As for the environment, we declared a climate emergency (September 20th, 2019). Arcata has always been cutting edge and I am committed to continuing the work and to make sure we do all we can to combat climate change. We need to set the bar high, hold ourselves accountable and as a City be the role model for the rest of the county. Let’s lead the charge.

In order to address housing, climate change and equity, it is essential that we deepen our connections with Cal Poly Humboldt to a formal partnership. They want to be good neighbors. Let’s open that door. We will utilize our University’s untapped resources and create real world experience for students and departments seeking to grow a footprint in our community. Finally, our student won’t leave us upon graduation. I wouldn’t leave. Lets create jobs, and incentivise our students to stay.

Our citizens deserve a higher quality of life which is why we all choose to live here nestled in the redwoods on the coast. I have been working hard these past few years to help bring much-needed resources to Valley West/North Arcata. The work we did to clean up Carlson and Valley West Parks in North Arcata helped the City to secure two grants to revitalize Carlson Park and I’m excited to see the community-generated changes that are taking place, from murals, park amenities, and events that represent our communities arts and culture at Valley West Park. As a City Council member, I will bring this same passion and determination to help all of Arcata meet the great challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for our community.

As a councilmember, I will work to protect our most vulnerable, like our seniors, the undocumented and unhoused. I will work to rebuild trust in local government, making it more transparent and responsive. I will bring my experience as a planning commissioner and as a community advocate to build a stronger, better Arcata. Please join our campaign at